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Hotel Faros was first established in 1984 from Mr. Nikos Back in the day when Ios was a famous destination mostly among young people. The years passed and the modern way of life had its positive impact to the hotel. Renovation after renovation and improvements helped the business grow and nowdays it is consistent from 13 rooms, it has a breakfast area and really comfortable terraces.

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Our love accommodating people and helping them meet the grandeur of Greece and the Greek culture was and still is what motivates us. Visit our hotel and you will see for yourself what the Greek hospitality is all about.
Planning ahead is a smart move. By making an early booking you will get a fair discount to our official prices. So, what are you waiting for?
We have different payment options and accept all major credit cards but if you prefer we accept cash or bank transfers as well.
When it comes to talking about the advantages of hotel faros there is one word above all others that best describes them. And that is location, location, location. The view, the perfect distance between the beaches and the town is uniquely positioned in such a way, that will make access as simple as 123.
Need more information or assistance to make a reservation? Please feel free to call us at any time.

Meet Our Team


    Ms. Dimitra is the quiet power behind the family. Always with a smile and always keen on helping others, she has a warm welcome for everyone :)


    Nikos is all over the place and behind everything in the hotel. A kind and energetic person, he will be probably the first to see as he handles mainly the morning shift.


    Mr. Michalis is the "heavy duty" person. He will pick up and drop off the visitors of the hotel and will provide directions for anyone interested in exploring ios island.


- It is always better to visit Ios on July or September. It is cheaper, the weather is still sunny and the bars and clubs are still open.
- Making a reservation early in the season will be beneficial as you can find the exact room that you want available and plus you get a reasonable discount.
- Take advantage of our contacts with other businesses and get a car or a scooter at a fair price and with no efford on your side.
- Always get directions on the places of interest that Ios has to offer from our staff. We are born here so we do know a thing or two more than the tourist sites have to offer.


Extremely kind and attentive staff. Nice terrace - quiet - 5 min walk to beach and markets and port - 15 walk to town - very good value for money


The hostess was kind enough to drop us off at the port